What are Systems 19 and 20?
Systems 19 and 20 are two Contrarian Swing Trading Strategies that use a unique, psychology-based approach to the swing trading of two opposite NASDAQ-tracking ETFs. For more details, check the Systems page.

What makes Systems 19 and 20 so unique?
Unlike other investment strategies that are based on technical financial indicators, Systems 19 and 20 are psychology based, contrarian in nature, measuring the sentiment of investors and profiting from behavioural biases, while filtering out the noise.

What’s the reason for publishing your trades?
We publish our trades in order to not only prove that these systems work, but also that they are capable of beating the market in a consistent, long-term, and identifiable way.

Am I allowed to mimic the trades you publish?
Yes, you are. But read our disclaimer first.

Will you keep publishing your trades?
Until a buyer for our systems shows up, we will. Until then, anyone can trade using our strategies as they see fit.

What is the selling price of your systems?
Both our systems will be sold together — not separately — to the highest bidder for a price in the mid-to-high seven figures, once our reserve price is met.

What happens once you sell your systems?
We will then cease to publish our trades and hand over the code, as well as the algorithms, to the buyer, and stop using them ourselves.

How can potential buyers contact you?
Those with the means to do so, probably already know who we are. If not, they will have the means to be able to contact us.

Do you reply to any questions other than requests to sell?